Friday, July 6, 2012

Hulu Japan lands HBO content, but don't expect any changes in the US

Hulu Japan has mailed in a status update noting that its content library has increased by more than 300 percent since launching last fall, now amounting to over 800 films and around 6,900 TV shows. Newly added to that list is Mad Men and more notably, "select HBO shows" including Entourage and Sex And The City today, followed by Entourage and Band of Brothers later this year. Of course, similar to the situation that sees Showtime favorites like Dexter available on Netflix in Latin America but not here in the States, it doesn't make it any more likely HBO will suddenly become cord-cutter friendly at home -- this is an international deal only. Hulu does have more good news in Japan though, now that it works on more devices with the Wii coming soon and "aggressive expansion" planned for the rest of 2012. While it doesn't help the list of Hulu Plus-compatible Android phones grow any faster, there is a quick trailer celebrating the new content, viewers on either side of the Pacific can check it out after the break.

Nike+ FuelBand iOS app updated to run along your Path, sync in the background

If you decided to snag the latest Nike+ wristband earlier this year, you're about to get some added functionality thanks to an iOS application update. First, the outfit has added Path integration to the mobile software. Users can now keep track of the sights they've visited while out for a jog or bike ride and share said moments / achievements with their mates. When the day comes to a close, those points-of-interest along the trail will appear on the app's progress graph. You'll also encounter background syncing by holding down the FuelBand's button alongside the ability to check battery status, offline data access and setting the time with your iPhone or iPod touch. For a quick look at what you can expect to see with the refresh, sprint to the gallery below.

HTC One V now available from Virgin Mobile

Rounding out the US launch of the HTC One lineup, the retro-inspired HTC One V has launched over at Virgin Mobile. The Ice Cream Sandwich device shares its Sense 4.0 software with big brothers the HTC One X and HTC One S, but other specs place the phone in a lower tier. It features a 1GHz Snapdragon S3 processor, 3.7-inch display, and 5MP camera. What stands out about the One V, though, is its design that harkens back to older HTC handsets, including the protruding “chin” of models like the Hero and G1.
The HTC One V is available contract-free from Virgin Mobile today for the affordable price of $199.99. Other than it’s low cost, the name makes it a perfect fit.

Shuttle takes quiet nettops down the Cedar Trail, intros XS35V3 and XS35GTA V3

Nettops have slipped a bit out of vogue, but Shuttle is keeping the flame alive for those who like their desktops tiny and hushed. The XS35V3 and XS35GTA V3 have moved on to more contemporary Cedar Trail-era, 2.13GHz Atom D2700 processors that keep the power draw to a fanless 27W, even when everything is churning at full bore. That limit might get tested with the GTA variant, which brings in Radeon HD 7410M graphics for a lift to 3D performance, but neither mini desktop will exactly make the power company beg for mercy. Either is a barebones kit with the laptop-sized hard drive, optical drive and OS left to the buyer -- if you don't get them at the same time, you'll have only the HDMI, VGA, USB and card reader to keep you company. Europeans are currently the only ones getting a crack, where it costs €172 pre-tax ($214) for the XS35V3 and €233 ($290) to get its faster GTA cousin.

Inside Google's amazing Accessory Development Kit demo hardware (video)

The coolest thing at Google I/O this year isn't a cheap tablet or a pair of overpriced glasses or even a killer keyboard. It is, believe it or not, an alarm clock. But not just any alarm clock -- this is an alarm clock with potential. What you see above, and demonstrated in the video after the break, is the gadget that was handed out to attendees who went to learn about the Android Accessory Development Kit. It has an array of RGB LEDs on the front which it can use to display simple numerals and digits, but thanks to a bevy of sensors -- and plenty of connectivity options -- that's just the beginning. USB? Check. NFC? Definitely. Accelerometer, colorimeter, magnetometer, barometer, hygrometer, thermometer? Yes, all that and more.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fraudster Cons Customers Into Buying Potatoes Packaged In iPhone And iPad Packaging

In the least offensive way possible and speaking as an Englishman, this type of scam could only be dreamt up in the north of England. A conman has been making cash packaging up potatoes and water bottles in original iPhone packaging and selling them as iPhones to unsuspecting customers, This is Hull and East Riding reports.

Meet the New ModBook Pro: A Full-Fledged OS X Tablet Built From a 2012 13-Inch MacBook Pro!

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the name AxioTron. Back in 2007, the company created a unique modified MacBook called the ModBook – a full OS X based tablet computer (several years before the iPad!). Well, I’ve got two words for you: They’re back!

No profit in Nexus 7 pricing, says Rubin

How do you take a tablet featuring a 7-inch display and quad-core Tegra 3 processor and sell it for $200? You leave no room for profit. And that is exactly what Google and ASUS are doing with the Nexus 7, the newly unveiled tablet that seeks to carve out a place for itself right alongside Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Google has a lot more at stake with the project, agreeing to shoulder all marketing costs and more in exchange for a tablet that was designed from the ground up by ASUS in a time period spanning only four months.